Why Responsiveness to Retail Promotions Varies Across Retailers

13 February 2013

For years, retailers have relied on three types of retail promotional tools to sell their products: temporary price cuts, feature advertisements, and in-store displays. Under what retail conditions are these tools most effective for increasing sales?
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Decoding the brand positioning conundrum

15 June 2012

ANFAWFOS (And Now For A Word From Our Sponsors) – Those in touch with today’s media and texting readily know what those eight letters mean.
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Tipping the balance Indirect Network Effects

15 April 2012

The drawn-out fight between high-definition videodisc formats Blu-ray and HD-DVD ended in early 2008 when Warner Bros.
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The Food’s Off The Table

19 March 2012

It is disappointing that the government has not taken any steps to provide for the Food Security Bill, which is in Parliament, in this budget.
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Republic Day parade: Woman leads Indian Air Force contingent for the first time in history

25 January 2012

Sneha Shekhawat from Sikar in Rajasthan on Thursday created history when she led the Air Force contingent at the 63rd Republic Day parade becoming the first woman pilot to do so. Flight Lieutenant Shekhawat was assisted by three other women Flying Officers Heena Pore, Anupam Chaudhary and Pooja Negi as the 144-strong Air Force contingent marched to the tunes of 'Air Battle'.
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Suresh Kalmadi walks out of Tihar, IOA says he can be boss again

20 January 2012

"He (Kalmadi) has already spent nine months in jail. This is also a good lesson for the CBI ( Central Bureau of Investigation) and it has proved that there is no strong case against him. The bail also proves that CBI has found nothing against him," said Tarlochan.
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