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The shameful case of Fair and Lovely Indians!

01 May 2012

Just back from a lecture tour of American universities
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7 Billion people and the resource crunch! Who is the real culprit?

17 November 2011

A few days back, the world population touched the 7 billion mark
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Ever Wondered why, while attacks in Mumbai keep happening, another 9/11 has not happened in the US?

11 August 2011

Mumbai has become a living example of how terrorists can come at their will, kill hundreds of innocents, destroy property worth hundreds of crores, instill a state of perpetual fear in those who manage to survive and thereby blatantly spit on the face of Indian sovereignty, time and again.
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The Mamata Banerjee Leadership Theory of Aggressive Action with Commitment for Change

27 July 2011

Writing today’s editorial gives me immense pleasure! My professional area of interest, where I take all my workshops and seminars, is leadership.
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