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"We're in a business where failures are not allowed"

"We're in a business where failures are not allowed"

Edit Bureau 16 November 2012

 After being considered a maker of affordable cars for two decades, last year, Hyundai repositioned itself as a ‘Modern Premium’ car manufacturer. Its new mantra – ‘New Thinking. New Possibilities’. Ad-campaigns followed. It worked. Despite increased competition in the Indian passenger car market, Hyundai managed well. With a share of 19.8% during Q1, FY2012-13, it still is the #2 selling car brand in India. Better news is that its two most talked about launches of 2011 – the Fluidic Verna and the Eon – have done well at the market. Nalin Kapoor, Group Head – Marketing at Hyundai Motor India, talks about the repositioning of the Hyundai brand, risks and payoffs connected with the integration of various brands under one umbrella, and why the company is proud of its new launches and content with erstwhile hits – the Santro and Accent.

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